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It’s all on the inside..

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Things were really busy this week at our Carol’s Home project, but you may not have noticed from the webcam.. because all of the work was being done inside. We saw the following vendors working their magic; Carolina Central Vacuum Systems, Home Telco (they did the whole house wiring / network / intercom / camera, etc) and MoldStoppers. I also went with the Armstrongs to meet with the folks at Jilco in Mt. Pleasant, where we picked out bathroom cabinets, countertops and sinks. We also met with Premier Lighting to pick out some of the interior and exterior lighting. Next week we will see some action on the outside of the house as G&S and James Hardie install the siding. Insulation installed by Cohen’s Drywall. We will also see the drywall go up thanks to Dolphin Builders and Lowcountry Drywall. Make sure you keep an eye on the webcam. Have a great weekend.
Premier Lighting Supply

Latest Picture From The Webcam

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Carol’s Home Construction Update

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  1. American Roofing Concepts is back on the roof today and is expected to finish the roof today or tomorrow at the latest.
  2. Jordy will be on-site with the electrician (EDC) tomorrow (Friday).
  3. HVAC has been completed by Andersen Heating and Cooling.
  4. Stairs to Frog– I am waiting on a call back from Southern Staircase to see if they have measured.
  5. Garage DoorLeon at Southeastern Garage Doors will go by the house this week and let us know about a delivery/installation date.
  6. Sheetrock – LowCountry Drywall has measured and is ready to install the week of September 22nd.
  7. G&S/James Hardie – G&S should be measuring this week and will soon after place an order with James Hardie.
  8. Kitchen Cabinets – Welcom has gone ahead and placed the order. The cabinets should be here in a couple weeks.
  9. Granite –  MVP has decided to upgrade us from Benissimo squares to 3cm granite slabs.

Thank you to everyone who is so graciously donating time, money and services to help Carol regain some of the freedoms that were taken from her. This is a life changing project for the Armstrongs. Make sure you check out the webcam by clicking here:


Update for the last few weeks.

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A lot has been done in the past few weeks. Most of the plumbing has been completed. The master bathroom tub is in place and the second bathroom tub/shower is in. We would like to thank Ferguson for donating the rough plumbing and fixtures.

The HVAC has been installed by Andersen Services. Americo Roofing has been busy the past few days installing the shingles on the house. Home Telco has been finalizing the plans for the whole house wiring.

A few more new sponsors have signed up to help out with Carol’s Home so make sure you check out the Sponsors page.

Windows and Doors being installed

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Today the windows, doors and house wrap are being installed. Check out the progress via the webcam. The roofing should be installed soon also.

Summerville Journal Scene Article

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Published Tuesday, July 29, 2008 5:43 PM
Updated Tuesday, July 29, 2008 5:44 PM

Stefan Rogenmoser
Community businesses and volunteers came together to help build Carol’s House.

Stefan Rogenmoser
The Schumacher Homes framing crew of volunteers worked all day Thursday, framing most of Carol Armstrong’s Home by the end of \their first day on the job.

Carol’s Home on its way

By noon most of the framing was up, and James, Carol, and Alexander Armstrong grilled hot dogs for everyone. The Charleston Trident Home Builder’s Association (CTHBA) provided dessert; hot honey-drenched sopaipillas.
Progress is fast. The crew of about ten framers framed about 80% of the house by the end of the day, said Phillip Ford, Executive Vice-President of CTHBA.

The idea behind the house goes back several years, after Carol Armstrong was beaten severely and robbed in 2002, leaving her partially paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. She has trouble moving through the narrow hallways of her current house, and in her new handicap-accessible home she’ll have the comfort of mobility and space.

“Carol will be able to get to every room in the house except the frog,” said site supervisor Jordy Tupper of G Tupper III construction.

When Ford heard of Carol’s situation about two years ago he knew something had to be done; he got the CTHBA board to approve building a better-suited home for Carol.

Tupper thinks the house will be complete in two-and-one-half months, but said they still have monetary needs for interior trim, windows, and pocket doors. Donations can be made at any area Wachovia bank. Tupper emphasized that they also need volunteer cleanup crews.

So far all the work and supplies have been probono for the Armstrongs, given by the kindness of strangers who Carol says treat her like family or life-long friends.

“Somebody just had to step up to the plate and do it,” said Andy Barber of ProBuild, who provided all the lumber and roof trusses. “We fabricate our own roof trusses and all the major lumber companies gave us discounts,” he said.

Melissa Villegas, one of CTHBA’s organizers, said the largest donation so far is from Concrete On Demand, a local family-owned company that donated $10,000 in concrete; they also cemented the house’s foundation.

“Melissa’s the key. She puts her heart into it, she’s awesome, she’ s something words can’t describe,” Carol said. Carol is one of the kindest and most grateful people around. Tupper said her strong faith has helped her keep a positive attitude.

“Elated. Astonished. Impressed,” is all Carol could say about the building of her home. She’s praying for the safety of the crew and is glad everyone’s getting along. “There hasn’t been any yelling or cussing,” she said.

The only problem, Carol said, was the old blueprint was somehow incorrect. The ashes of the incorrect blueprint blew away with the wind in front of the construction site. After the old blueprint was burned a new one was made and work carried on. After lunch the workers had already particle-boarded the walls of what will be Alexander’s room, Carol said.

Live 5 News coverage of first day of construction

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Here is a link to the news coverage from Thursday’s construction. The file is in Mpeg4 format.

Link to Video

– James

Video from today’s construction

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Here is a link to the time lapse video from today that shows the house being built. It is amazing how much was done today. The file is about 8megs and may require Quicktime to watch.

Click here to watch the time lapse video from 07/24/08


Trusses are going up

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Here is a quick update. The trusses have started to go up. So far 8 have been installed.

A big thank you to all those that have helped so far.


Almost ready for the roof trusses

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We are 1/2 way through the 1-day framing extravaganza at Carol’s Home and things are going very smoothly. The majority of the house was framed out before the lunch break. Carol, James and Alexander Armstrong served the framing crew hotdogs, chips and drinks and the Charleston Trident Home Builders Association provided some hot sopapillas for dessert. The crews just started back to work and right now they are nailing the OSB on and in a little while they will start working on the FROG floor and the roof trusses. The weather has been great – just a little hot and no rain. Keep checking us out on the webcam!