07/2002 Blog

Author: carolarmstrong
Date Updates on Carol for JULY

9am, Carol was sleeping really well. They have her breathing
on her own now trying to see how long she can. It monitors her breaths
and if she stops or goes below 7 per minute it will start breathing for
her. All of her vital signs look good.

1pm, Carol woke up for a little bit. She rubbed her face and opened her
left eye a little. She held my hand for a while then went back to sleep.
She was still breathing on her own (for about four hours) but did stop
once while I was there. If she stops again they will put the ventilator
back on assist mode for the rest of the night and try again tomorrow.
I saw her move her left toes a little. We are still not sure if she will
ever have contious control over her left side. We know her left side has
a reactive response. If you tickle her left for the leg will jerk but
that does not mean she has control over it.

9pm, Carol has been breathing on her own for 13 hours now. They are going
to put her back on the ventilator for the night to give her a break. The
nurse talked to the physical therapist to get things going again. They
have to stop after surgery until they get approval again. She woke up
some to wash her face with a washcloth and say hello to her visitors by
holding their hands. She seemed to want to know about her right eye and
the ventilator tube. I told her that she was breathing on her own and
they will be taking it out as soon as they are sure she can continue to
breath on her own. I told her that there is a bone fragment that is pushing
on the optic nerve of the right eye and that is why she can’t use it.


9am, Carol had just got back from another cat scan. They
were still hooking up all the sensors. The was only awake long enough
to say she was feeling so-so. The regular nurses were not there. We had
someone from the burn unit looking after her. I did not feel to comfortable
with them. One person was trying to suction out her lungs without having
the suction tube hooked up to the ventilator tube. She was starting to
drain puss again from the incision on her head. I had been looking at
the spot for a few days not because it looked puffy but they thought it
looked ok. Her temperature is stable and she has been breathing on her
own since 6am today. I asked to speak to the neuro surgeon to ask him
about the infection. He came in and said they want to open her head back
up tomorrow and clean it out again.

1pm, Carol was sleeping. She woke up for a few minutes then went back
to bed.

9pm, Carol was really sleeping good. She did not wake up while I was
visiting. They have the ventilator back on assist mode but it is set to
only help if she goes below 9 breaths per minute. The nurse talked to
me about a Tracheotomy. She said that they usually put one in after a
few weeks. It has been three weeks now. I heard the doctors mention it
before but I think they really wanted to try to get her to breath on her
own and take the tube out all together. The nurse said that the Tracheotomy
is much better for her because the tube is much smaller and it is easier
to breath. She will talk with the doctors tomorrow and see what they say.


9am, Carol was awake and wanting to scratch her head. I
cleaned her face and washed her mouth out with mouthwash. They came at
9:30 to get her ready for surgery. It was over at 10:15. The doctor said
they just reopened about four inches and cleaned it out. There was not
as much infection as they thought. Everything went well. I will be back
to see her at 1pm.

1pm, Carol was slowly waking up from surgery. She held my hand and indicated
that her eyes and nose hurt. The doctor was talking to the respiratory
specialist about taking the tube out. She said Carol had been doing well
breathing on her own for a few days. She turned off the machine while
I was there to see if they could get her to start breathing on her own
today. She did not so they kept her on it. She said it could be from the
anesthesia. The nurse also gave her some morphine to help with the pain.
The bond reconsideration and preliminary hearing was today. He received
a total bond of $500,000 for both charges. His lawyer was saying that
he did not do it. There was someone else there that did it. The detectives
had already questioned this person and he had three alibis. I can’t wait
until Carol can talk to see what she will say.

5pm, Two of Carol’s good friends visited. They said they had fun together
talking to Carol.

9pm, I called to see if I could still visit because I had taken the boys
to a soccer game and was running late. The nurse said that I could still
come. She also said they were showing her a picture of the boys and she
smiled. They want a picture of her so they could see what she looked like.
I got there and she was awake. She had a fever of 102 so they gave her
some Tylenol. She has been doing good. The nurse said she may have a urinary
tract infection. They are still waiting for some test results. I said
goodbye so the nurse could give her some medicine to help with pain.


9am, Carol was awake. They had her all ready to go for
another CT scan. They are doing one today as a followup to yesterday’s
surgery. I could only stay for a few minutes. I was out talking with the
nurse about the ventilator tube when we looked back in the room and Carol
had her hand up pretending to shoot at us. After an hour I was able to
come back. She was resting but held our hand some. The nurse said that
she would wave at everyone she saw in the hall on the way to the CT scan.
She also talked with the doctor and he said they want to try to take the
tube out in a few days because she was doing so well for the last few
days before the last operation.

5pm, Carol was awake. She had a slight temperature. Had some friends
come to see her. I brought some shoes in and they put them on her. They
had ankle support so she would not get foot drop.

9pm, Carol was awake some. She let me know that her nose, eyes, and forehead
were hurting her. She was coughing some. The nurse said they let her breath
on her own for an hour.


9am, Carol was sleeping. She seemed to have her left eye
open looking around when I came in but would not move her hand at all.
The nurse said that she was very weak and could not get her to do a thumbs
up. The previous nurse from the night shift told her that was the same
way she had been for her. I talked with the doctor and he said that was
why they did a new CT scan yesterday. All of the cultures came back negative
and the white cell count is down. He said the red cell count is low but
not low enough yet to have a transfusion. I talked with him about the
next steps and he said they want to give her the weekend to breath on
her own. If that does not work they will put in a tracheal tube. I asked
about plastic surgery and he said it would probably be 3 to 6 months after
she is better before they do any reconstructive procedures. He said she
will need lots of therapy and probably inpatient therapy. The nurse was
looking at the drain from her head to the collection bag and was trying
to get past a blockage. She was able to work it loose and it started to
drain. It had drained over 55ml of spinal fluid from her head in 10 minutes.
I wonder if that was why she was sleepy. I know from the past that when
the fluid built up it would put pressure on her brain and she would stop
responding. The doctor did check the pressure by pressing on the right
side where the bone was removed and said it felt alright.

1pm, Carol seemed to have a fever again. She was a little more aware
than this morning. She still would not follow commands when the nurse
asked. The doctors said they are going to start putting antibiotics directly
in the spinal fluid because the white cell count is up again. They have
started a culture on the spinal fluid also. She had a few coughing spells
andd her heart rate would go to 130. Hopefully this will pass soon.

5pm & 9pm, Carol slept. Not doing a whole lot. Not even squeezing
our hands.


9am, Carol was sleeping. I washed her feet, face and hands.
The nurse said she showed her a thumbs up at 8am when asked. Her temperature
was at 101. The respiratory nurse came in and turned the ventilator down
to 12 to see if she would start breathing about that on her own. She was
doing 12 to 15 while I was there. My sister noticed that her left side
(foot, leg, hip) was warmer than the right side. I asked the nurse if
there was a reason for that and she did not know of any. I asked the doctor
on the way out and he said they would look into it. He mentioned a clot
could do that but the nurse said the pulse on both feet felt good.

1pm, Carol was the same as this morning.

5pm, Still sleeping. The nurse tried really hard to get her to wake up.
She would open her left eye but would not hold up any fingers when asked.
I did get her to nod her head ‘yes’ when I cleaned her mouth and asked
if it felt better. Hopefully her body is just getting the rest it needs
to heal itself.


9am, 5pm, 9pm: Sorry for the delay, Carol has been sleeping
today. She kind of wakes up a little when I clean out her mouth but then
goes right back to sleep. The day nurse said she waved to a few people
today and the night nurse said she held up two fingers when asked. Her
temperature was normal today except when I went at 9pm. It had gone back
up to 102 so they drew more blood for testing. They are going to perform
the Tracheotomy tomorrow morning.


9am, Carol was finaly awake for me. She would look at the
picture of the boys on the ceiling and hold my hand. I showed her the
picture of the boys and cousins and asked her to point to Alexander. She
tried but was off a little. She does not have any depth perception because
she can only use her left eye. She smiled some and felt how long her hair
was growing since it had been cut. It was good to see her awake. She had
a temperature of 101.4 but it was dropping. The doctor came by to check
on the supplies needed to do the tracheotomy and said it will be done
early this afternoon.

1pm, Carol was awake for a few minutes. Her temperature was back to 100.2.
They had not performed the tracheotomy yet. She was given some Tylenol
to help with any head pain she has. The latest white cell count was at
351. That was compared to 5815 from Friday 7/5 and 651 on Monday 7/1.
So it went up after the surgery on Wed but went back down lower than last
monday. I think I saw where the typical count is less than 8.

5pm, Carol was sleeping.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. She had the tracheotomy about 30 minutes ago
and was still medicated.


9am, Carol was sleeping. Her temperature was still down
at 100. They had the ventilator turned down to 6 bpm to see if she would
breath on her own. She was doing anywhere from 6 to 13.

1pm, I stayed at work but Carol’s mom and uncle went to visit. They said
she was sleeping and did not wake up for them.

9pm, Carol was awake. Her temperature looked good at 98 to 99 degrees.
They had her shoes back on. They use them to help keep her left foot from
getting ‘foot drop’. The nurse came in and said she was off the ventilator.
I said she was off this morning when I came in. She said, no, she is completely
off. I looked over and the ventilator machine was turned off. They just
have a oxygen mask setting over the trach opening to make sure she is
getting a good amount. I brushed her teeth. She held my hand and rubbed
my face. It does not take much to wear her out. I don’t know how long
she had been awake before I came in but she got sleepy about 9:30. I looked
at the numbers from todays spinal fluid test. The cell count was down
to 188.


9am, Carol was awake getting her mouth cleaned. Her temperature
was still around 100. She is breathing 25 to 30 times a minute which is
high. The nurse said he may put her back on a rate using the ventilator
for a few hours to give her a break. Breathing take alot of energy and
can make her tired. She fell a sleep about 9:30.

1pm, Carol was sleeping.

5pm, My mom visited Carol. She was sleeping. She woke up for a few minutes
towards the end.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. She had a slight fever so they took some samples
for the lab. The temperature had gone down while we were there after she
was given Tylenol. She was still on the ventilator in CPAP mode. The white
cell count was at 38 today. I had the nurse check on the physical therapy
to see if they had been coming. They stopped last wed after surgery. She
made a note to have them start coming again. Carol woke up a little towards
the end of the visit after she coughed some. The nurse checked on the
cultures they ran two days ago. She said that there were no growths.


9am, Carol was awake. She stayed awake for the whole visit
today. I brushed her teeth. They had put in a new feeding tube that is
smaller and more flexible. They have to wait for an xray before they remove
the old one because the new tube has a weight on the end that gets pulled
by the stomach into the intestine. They need to make sure it is in the
right place. She had a fever today and they had the cooling blanket turned
on. The tests show she has an upper respiratory infection. They are changing
the antibiotics some to help. The physical therapy department has been
contacted to start coming again. Today is the one month mark for her in
the hospital. Her birthday is coming up on the 16th of July.

11:30am, Carol’s mom and sister went by to say goodbye. She woke up for
a little while. She smiled at her niece.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. They had just turned off the cooling blanket
so she was a little cold.


9am, Carol was resting. She woke up for a few minutes.
They were just putting her back on the respirator. She said they are going
to try 2 on 4 off for a while to see how she does. They are going to put
in a PICC IV line today if they get to her. It has a lower risk of infection
because it is inserted almost all the way to the heart through a vein
in the arm near the elbow. This IV line can be used for 8 to 10 weeks.

1pm, Carol was resting. The bed had been turned so it was facing the
doorway instead of the wall. The nurse said she had been really awake
and they moved the bed to give her a different view. The physical therapist
was there looking over her chart for awhile. She did some range of motion
tests on Carol and said she cad good movement. They should be working
with her more. She did wake up for a bit during the therapy. Her good
friend from California was there to visit. She seemed to be aware of her
being there. It is hard to know how much she remembers because sometimes
she just stares at you and sometimes she will nod her head when you ask
her questions. She is probably really thinking ‘these people must think
I am stupid or something.’

9pm, Carol was sleeping. They had her sitting upright. She was back on
the ventilator. Everything looked normal. They had the PICC IV installed
on her left arm.


9am, Carol slept through the whole visit. The nurse said
he talked to the doctor about the PICC line because it was hard to flush.

5pm, Carol slept. The PICC line had been taken out of her arm. The floor
was sticky where the antibiotics leaked onto the floor. The nurse said
they had to take it out because it was not flowing good. She had a regular
IV in the right arm. He showed me how she is now responding to pain stimulus
on her left hand. If you squeeze her left pinky fingernail her hand will
draw up and pull inward. She still sleeps alot and does not usually wake
up. I brushed her teeth and she seemed to know I was doing it. She would
open her mouth and also let me clean her tongue then go right back to

9pm, Carol was still sleeping. I could not really get her to wake up.
The nurse said she was doing good. No fever and she would move her right
hand when asked. They are still looking to take out the stint in the head
but infecteous disease did not tell them anything when they were asked
for a consult. The nurse said the doctor was mad because that was why
they were asked to take a look at Carol and they did not even mention


9am, Carol was sleeping. She has a slight fever. I brought
some music for her to listen to. The doctor had just been in to take a
CSF sample (spinal fluid).

1pm, Carol slept through the whole visit. I let her listen to some more

5pm, Carol was sleeping. She woke up a little and moved her right hand
some. The doctor was there and said they are going to remove the drain
from her head tomorrow. I asked about the PICC line and he said they would
want to put another one in so I signed the paperwork for that. He said
the last culture did not show any growth and the white cell count was
still low. I asked about her right eye and he said they will have to check
with a few other doctors to see if there is a bone fragment pushing on
the nerve and whether removing it would do any good. He said the blood
to the right eye / nerve is supplied from the artery that clotted.

9pm, Carol was awake a little. She had her left eye open some and looked
like she was looking at me. She did squeeze my hand pretty hard once.
She listened to some more music. I think I found a way to see if she is
awake. When I was cleaning her face I squeezed her nose and she stopped
breathing and made the alarms go off. I did it a few more times and it
happened again. I tried it later when she seemed asleep and it did not
happen. It looks like when she is awake and I squeeze her nose (like you
are holding your nose in the pool) she thinks she cannot breath so she
stops breathing. Ofcoarse she can still breath because she has the tracheotomy.
The swelling in her left hand has gone down.


9am, Carol was resting but opened her left eye a little.
I think she could see me. I played her some music again this morning.
The nurse said that she did give a thumbs up at 5am.

1pm, Carol woke up some, but not for long. She squeezed my hand a few
times. They have her scheduled for a MRI and also putting in a new PICC
line today. I asked the nurse what the MRI was for and she said it could
be to check the drain in her head before they remove it. They usually
do a CT scan. I talked to her about the bone fragment on the optic nerve
and she thinks they are also doing the MRI because of that. She thinks
they mentioned that. The MRI would show more bone detail than the CT scan

5pm, Sleeping.

9pm, Carol was awake. She would hold and squeeze my hand. I brushed her
teeth. She would look at me and even moved her head some. She nodded her
head yes when I asked if she was doing ok. They had removed the drain
from her head. They had not put in the PICC line or done the MRI yet.
She looked good. Her heart rate was finally below 100. It was at 89 when
I left. Carol’s friend from California came to visit. She was glad to
see her awake so she would know that Carol knew she was there to visit.
The nurse put a hot pad on her right arm where the iv had been taken out
because it was swollen some. I hope she will be awake again tomorrow for
her birthday.


9am, Well today is Carol’s birthday. I brought her a stuffed
bear. She was awake this morning. She liked the bear and gave me a smile.
She looked good. She stayed awake for the whole visit. They have scheduled
the MRI and PICC line for today. They will try the left arm first and
see if it will take one, if not they will have to install the PICC line
on the right arm. The neurosurgeon came by and said they requested a PEG
to be installed. That is a feeding tube that goes into the abdomin / stomach.

1pm, Carol was awake but sleepy. She held my hand. I cleaned her face
and hands. The PEG will be installed tomorrow. Still no word on the PICC
and MRI. Carol reached her hand and was pointing / touching my ear. I
could not tell if she was trying to tell me something so I cleaned her
ears and rubbed behind the right one where the stitches are. I don’t know
if she can hear in both ears. I tried to ask her but could not tell.

5pm, Carol was sleeping. She had just got back from having the PICC line
installed in her right arm.

9pm, Carol was having the MRI done when I got there. We did not get to
see her until 9:45. She was awake. I showed her a picture that Jaime had
drawn for her and read her some more emails. We showed her some presents
that had been left for her. She indicated to me that she wanted her legs
rubbed. She also tried to tell me something about the right side of her
face. I think she was trying to tell me that it hurt because she finally
shook her head yes when I asked a few times. She pointed to her shoulder
so I think she wanted it rubbed also. We rubbed a piece of chocolate on
her tongue and she liked it. I asked the nurse lastnight and she did not
have a problem with that. Her left leg / hip hurts when I move it too
much. Her left arm was having muscle spasms when I would touch her forearm.
Tomorrow they take the tube out of her mouth. I think she had a good birthday
(as much as possible in her condition.)


9am, Carol was awake. I cleaned her face with some stuff
from home that she likes. The neurosurgeon came by and talked a little
about the MRI. He said that she may be sleepy because of some fluid buildup
on her brain. They see fluid on the left side of the brain on the outside
part. They also see fluid on the inside between the two parts of the brain.
He said the brain has shifted to the right some but that is expected.
He mentioned that they want to do some plastic surgery on her face next
week. They will probably drill a small hole on the left side of her head
at the same time to drain the outer fluid that has built up. They came
in at 9:30 and installed the PEG line (feeding tube) and removed the one
from her mouth.

1pm, They were cleaning Carol up when I went in. They let me stay. I
held her hand. They move her around a lot when they clean her and she
is in pain sometimes. She went to sleep after that. I let her listen to
some more music.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. She woke up a little when the nurse put the
bed down. I brushed her teeth and let her listen to music. I only stayed
for 30 minutes because I was running late. The nurse said she was a little
hard to wake up but followed commands. She said it could still be from
the medication they gave her when the installed the PEG line. She also
said she was waving to a few doctors when the walked by.


9am, Carol was sleeping but woke up some. The feeding
tube looks good so they will begin feeding again this afternoon. I don’t
know if she is just sleepy or what but I try to get her to nod her head
if she understands me or if I ask a question but she does not. I will
keep trying.

1pm, Carol was resting. I let her listen to music, she held my hand some.
She was not completely asleep the whole time. They put the ventilator
back on CPAP to let her breath some on her own. She had the hiccups. I
got a call at work from the plastic surgeon. He will meet with me tomorrow
morning to go over the MRI and what they plan on doing. He said it should
be done next Friday (26th).

5pm, Carol’s mom and sister came to visit. She was awake for them and
mouthed ‘I love you’ to her sister (after her sister asked her to).

9pm, Carol was awake. She held my hand then reached her hand for the
other person with me. She lasted for about 30 minutes then I played some
music and she fell asleep.


9am, Carol was resting but woke up for me. We held hands.
She kind of dosed off when she was listening to the music but woke up
when I stopped it. I rubbed her legs and massaged her back. I met with
the plastic surgeon afterwards and talked about what they are going to
do. They have some plates to put in to hold some broken bones in place,
straighten her nose, and fix her sinus. We went back in to look at her
face then walked out. The nurse said ‘hey look’ and I turned around and
she was waving goodbye.

1pm, Carol’s mom and sister went to visit. The physical therapist was
there working with her. Her sister asked the therapist about the boot
that keeps the foot straight. The nurse had told me earlier that it would
cost a lot to have them made. The therapist told her that they have them
and could get one for Carol. Carol waved goodbye to her mom.

5pm, Carol was sleeping.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. I tried to wake her up to visit with some old
friends from the church. She opened her eye a little then went back to
sleep. Towards the end of the visit she woke up again and would hold onto
the ventilator tube. She would pull it some and I made her let it go.
The nurse does not think it is a big deal because the alarms would go
off if she pulled it out. She had on the foot brace that physical therapy
brought up. The blood pressure cuff is on the left leg now. Her arms were
getting a little sore from it. Carol’s mom and sister will be going home
tomorrow morning.

I would also like to thank those who helped out tonight. They know who
they are.


9am, Carol was resting. Rubbed her legs and back. She
woke up a little and her sister told her goodbye.

1pm, Carol was resting. She woke up a little. A doctor came in and removed
the stitches from her head. I held her hand while he did that because
she woke up and some of them hurt when they were removed. She is still
on the ventilator and would set off the alarms sometimes because she was
not breathing the minimum volume.

9pm, Carol was resting. I showed her some pictures from our photo albums.
She seemed to be looking at them.


9am, Carol was resting. Her heartrate was about 115 and
went up to 124 for a minute. She was running a fever. By the end of the
visit she felt a little cooler and clamy. She had been given Tylenol.
She listened to some music. A bunch of doctors came by for the teaching
rounds. I talked with one of them about her non-responsiveness sometimes.
He said they were reviewing the notes to see if they missed anything.
She had been doing better than this before the last surgery to clear some
more infection from her head. He will also check on the fluid on the brain
to see if they want to do the procedure before friday.

1pm, Carol was sleeping. I just played the music for her and rubbed her
back and legs.

5pm, Carol was sleeping. She still had the fever so they took some more
samples. The skin under her eyes and one her cheekbones are a little red
and puffy. She listened to music and held my hand towards the end. We
also put a cold washcloth on her face.

9pm, Carol was resting. She would open her eye a little. The nurse that
was there was telling me how she tries to get Carol when she works. She
is really attached to her and takes good care of her. She says that Carol
is awake alot at night and she likes to talk to her. She also said that
she made a comment once and Carol stuck her tongue out at her.


9am, Carol was not doing good this morning. She was breathing
really fast and her heartrate was at 125 bpm. The nurse said it started
at 8am and they suctioned her lungs out a few times and changed the settings
on the ventilator. The nurse gave her some medicine while I was there
to help her rest. Her heartrate went down some to 115 but she was still
breathing alot. I just talked with the nurse over the phone to see how
Carol was doing. She said the neurosurgeons came by and want to talk with
me. She said they wanted to see about removing a clot from her head but
I think she meant draining the fluid off that they talked about doing
Friday. One of the doctors came by this weekend and said he would check
into doing that procedure sooner.

1pm, Carol was resting. She is still breathing fast and has a heartrate
of 115. The doctor came by and they are going to schedule to have the
fluid drained tomorrow. They did not say much about the breathing except
that maybe draining the fluid will help.

5pm, Carol was sleeping. She is probably pretty tired from all that breathing
and fever.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. She finally looked like she was breathing better.
She still had a fever. She woke up a little and started breathing fast
again. Her heartrate was at 115. After the visitors left I played the
music for her and held her hand and rubbed her forehead. After about 20
minutes she started to sleep and breath normally. Her heartrate went back
down to 95. Right before I left she reached her hand up to scratch her
head and her thumb got caught on the ventilator tube. I went to move her
thumb and the tube popped off. The alarms started to go off, I put the
tube back on and a nurse came in. She was still having trouble breathing
so she suctioned her out.


9am, They had already got Carol ready for surgery. They
were almost done so I only had 30 minutes to stay. Carol held my hand
for a few minutes. She was awake more today than last night. I showed
her a picture of a friend’s baby and read her their card. I also told
her about some other things that went on last night and she nodded her
head a few times. She was breathing good. They were done about 11am. The
doctor said everything went fine. The fluid drained and he also said one
of the things they look for is to make sure the brain moves back to the
surface. He said that happened. They put a temporary drain in for a few
days. I went back at 12 to see her. She moved her arm to hold my hand.
She squeezed it pretty hard. She was pretty awake for just coming out
of surgery. She also tried to reach for her head. I will be missing the
1pm visit but will go at 5pm to let her rest.

1pm, My friend went to visit Carol. She was moving her right leg some.
She also would rub her face and feel her head. He said she was also shaking
and the nurse was thinking about giving her some morphine.

5pm, Carol was resting. She woke up and held my hand. She also went for
her head and I tried to stop her. She is still very strong in her right
arm. The nurse never gave her the morphine because she went to sleep.
She listened to some music. She put my hand on her face and then put her
hand over mine. I think her face was still hurting. I told the nurse and
she gave her some medicine before I left. She seems to be moving around
good since the surgery.

9pm, Carol was resting. She would look at me some. She held my hand.
She went to sleep before I left.


9am, Carol was sleeping. She woke up a little. I held
her hand. The doctors came by to see how she was doing. They will probably
do a scan of her head tonight to see if they need to do anything about
the other pocket of fluid between the left and right side of her brain.
He also said he wants to start doing physical therapy agressively. It
has been six weeks now.

1pm, She had a lot of visitors. They said she was awake for most of the
visit then went to sleep.

9pm, Carol was proped up in the bed and wake. Her hand / arm (bent at
elbo) was in the air. She stayed awake for the whole visit then went to
sleep at the end. I washed her hands, feet, and face. I was cleaning her
mouth out with mouthwash and she bit down on the swab and would not let
go for about five minutes.


9am, Carol was awake. She had just come back from a CT
scan and was still getting settled.

1pm, Carol was resting. The nurse repositioned her to be on her side
some. She was resting. I talked to her and rubbed her legs and arms. They
might take out the drain today. She is still scheduled for plastic surgery
tomorrow but I do not know a time yet.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. Had a slight temperature.


9am, Carol was sleeping. She looked like she was sound
aleep. They had the respirator on CPAP (she breathes, it just gives extra
pressure). Her heartrate was in the low 90’s, sometimes in the 80’s. I
just watched her. She woke up as I was leaving so I stayed for about 20
minutes. She held her arm up and looked like she was trying to move it
towards me so I held her hand. She was also trying to tell me something
else. I think she wanted her shoulder rubbed. She moved her neck just
a little and her left arm would move. I don’t know if it was just reflexes
or she was somehow moving it. It would also stiffen straight out. Someone
came while I was there to get her ready for plastic surgery. It should
take a few hours at least.

5pm, I got a call letting me know that Carol just got out of surgery.
She is doing good. They only fixed the left side of her face because the
right side looked like the bones were aligned and already set. The did
some work that required going in behind the eyes so the eye lids are stitched
shut for a few days. They had to do this just in case the eyes swell and
the eye lids wouldn’t shut. They were not able to fix the bump on her
nose that she always wanted fixed because they did not have to open the
skin on the forehead. I will be checking on her at 9pm.

9pm, Carol was sleeping. They gave her some medication earlier to help
with pain. Her face is swollen some around the cheekbone area and the
eyes are also swollen. They will have to stay stitched shut until monday.


9am, Carol was sleeping. It is hard to tell when she is
awake because you can’t see her eyes anymore. She did seem to wake up
towards the end because she was moving her right arm and stretching some.

5pm, Carol was sleeping. Her brother, sister inlaw, niece and nephew
came to visit. She would hold on to our hand a little. Right before I
left she reached her hand towards her face like she wanted to feel it.
She then pointed her finger at her face. I thought she wanted something,
it turns out she was trying to put her finger into her right ear to clean
or scratch it. I got some swabs and cleaned her ear out.

9pm, Carol was resting again. The nurse let me know that she did show
her a thumbs-up and two fingers when she asked. We could not get her to
do it again after that. We had a good visit with her. Carol would move
around some, stretching and moving her right leg. Her niece would hold
her hand and when she tried to let go Carol would hold on like she did
not want her to let go. We talked with the nurse for a while about Carol
after the visit. The bruising on her face is starting to go away and the
swelling should stop.


9am, Today was better. The swelling has started to go
away. When I walked in Carol had her arm bent at the elbow and her hand
was in the air. She sometimes leaves it that way. I put my fingers in
her hand and she closed her fingers and squeezed my hand. I would rub
her hand and she would rub mine. I also let her feel my face again. I
rubbed her legs and back. When I lifted her left leg she would squeeze
her hand into a fist. That is what she does when I move that leg because
it hurts her. I told her I loved her and she squeezed my hand again. Her
brother and family came in and she would hold their hands also. When you
try to let go of her hand she will grab it like she does not want you
to go. I gave her four kisses, one for each of the boys and one for each
pet. She held my hand again. I told her goodbye and asked her to wave
goodbye and she raised her hand to wave.

1pm, I just got a report back on the visit. Her brother and family and
my cousin visited. They said she was awake and responsive. She would show
her thumb and two fingers when asked. She would also wiggle her toes when
asked. She played thumb wars with her nephew. She was pretty active, probable
more than we have seen since July 5th. My cousin stayed till 2:30 and
was arm wrestling Carol. She said Carol won. I think my prays were answered
on this one. I prayed lastnight and this morning for Carol to get back
to the way she had been before July 5th. Since then she was just sleeping
and not responding much at all.

5pm, Carol was sleeping. She looked like she was sleeping good. The nurse
had cleaned her up at 4 which usually makes her tired. The nurse came
in and woke her up. The doctor also came in. She would not show her thumb
or fingers when asked but would move her toes when asked. She also would
move her hand and try to grab the nurse when she would pinch her chest
to wake her up. After that she would hold our hands. The doctor wants
to give her some time of no surgery to see how she does. She has been
breathing on her own all day today. He says it is hard to tell from the
CT scans if her brain still has pressure on it or if it has just moved
because of the space created from removing part of the right side. We
will just have to see if she can keep up the good work now. If she keeps
this up she will be moving to a step-down room soon.

9pm, Carol got a dose of medicine from the Doctor, DR Pepper that is.
We gave Carol some Dr Pepper out of a straw tonight. She did not seem
to like it at first, but that was probably because of the cold or different
taste because she has not had anything for seven weeks. She took about
10 straws worth. She was swallowing very well. She held my hand and rubbed
my face and neck. She reached her hand up and rubbed her face and eyes.
She also yawned while her hand was up there and covered her mouth. The
nurse said that she kept her company for about 4 hours the previous night.
She would bath her and talk with her. She stayed awake the whole time.
She did really good today.


9am, As I walked in, one of the nurses that sometimes watches
Carol said, “hey, Carol’s in her chair”. I was not sure what he was talking
about until I walked in. They moved Carol into a chair that looks like
a lounge chair on wheels. The nurse said that her doctor said to start
using it. It allows her to sit up and her legs are down in the sitting
position. They will use it a few times a day. Carol was sleeping but the
nurse came in and made her wake up. Carol’s eye came open some, they are
still swollen. The nurse asked if she woke her up and Carol nodded ‘yes’
twice. The nurse was exited because she had never seen Carol nod before.
Carol was sweaty, she had a fever and was given Tylenol. She also had
blood in her urine. We held hands and she listened to some music. She
stayed awake for most of the visit. She nodded yes to me a few times when
I asked her some questions.

1pm, Carol was sleeping. She had been sleeping since I left this morning.
She woke up a little but I did not want to push it.

9pm, Carol was just moved to the chair again. She was off CPAP on the
respirator and on a low rate. She can still breath as much as she wants.
She held my hand. I rubbed her back and neck and asked if it felt good
and she nodded her head ‘yes’. I kissed her and told her I love her and
she nodded again. We arm wrestled again. She is still very strong in her
right arm. I rubbed her legs then asked if she wanted to listen to some
music. She nodded ‘yes’. I only put one ear piece on and I listened also
using the other one. I picked some songs for her to hear. She held my
hand, sometimes she would move her arm / hand to the beat of the music.
She also would reach up and rub my face. She would squeeze my hand pretty
hard at times during the music. When it was time to go I said goodbye.
The nurses came in to move her back to the bed. I grabbed her hand one
more time and tried to leave but she would not let go of my hand. I would
let go of her and she would still be squeezing my fingers. I walked towards
the door far enough to pull her arm up.


9am, Carol was awake in bed. I asked if she slept good
last night and she nodded yes. She held my hand and rubbed my arm. She
also rubbed the right side of her face and her right eye. I reminded her
not to press too hard because of the surgery and she nodded again. I asked
if she wanted to listen to some music and she nodded yes. I played Ace
of Base for her. She likes them alot. The plastic surgeons made their
rounds and said they will be taking out the stitches above her eyes tomorrow.
She was off of the respirator today.

1pm, Carol was awake with her hand propped up against her face. I held
her hand and she would pull away and reach for her neck. She seemed agitated
a little and her right arm would shake some. The nurse came in and they
moved her to the chair. She needed to have her lungs suctioned out. She
is still off of the respirator. She calmed down after getting settled
in the chair. She held my hand. I asked if she was doing ok and she nodded
yes. She seemed to want something so I gave her my hand and she lifted
it towards her face. I would touch around until she indicated that is
where she wanted me then she would move her hand back and forth while
holding my hand to rub her face. She had me rub her chin, cheek, and eye
on the right side. She was sitting under the air vent so I got her a blanket
before we left. The nurse asked if she wanted to get in the bed or stay
in the chair. She nodded when she mentioned the chair.

9pm, Carol was resting. She was back on the respirator to let her rest.
She would still rub her right eye, I think the stitches itch her. She
fell asleep listening to music. They came about 9:45 to take her for a
CT scan.


9am, Carol was resting. She is off of the respirator again.
The plastic surgeons came and remove the stitches from her eye lids. I
held her hand while they did that because it was hurting her some. Carol
rubbed her eyes and cheeks some more then she went back to sleep.

9pm, Carol was getting cleaned up when I got there. Her left eye was
open a little more. The swelling is starting to go down in that eye. We
talked for a few minutes then she started to go to sleep so I played some
more of her music for her. They are going to try to let her breath without
the respirator tonight.