It’s all on the inside..

Author: melissa  |  Category: Time Frame Updates
Things were really busy this week at our Carol’s Home project, but you may not have noticed from the webcam.. because all of the work was being done inside. We saw the following vendors working their magic; Carolina Central Vacuum Systems, Home Telco (they did the whole house wiring / network / intercom / camera, etc) and MoldStoppers. I also went with the Armstrongs to meet with the folks at Jilco in Mt. Pleasant, where we picked out bathroom cabinets, countertops and sinks. We also met with Premier Lighting to pick out some of the interior and exterior lighting. Next week we will see some action on the outside of the house as G&S and James Hardie install the siding. Insulation installed by Cohen’s Drywall. We will also see the drywall go up thanks to Dolphin Builders and Lowcountry Drywall. Make sure you keep an eye on the webcam. Have a great weekend.
Premier Lighting Supply

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