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Temporary Power Installation

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SCE&G is scheduled to connect power on Thursday, June 5th. Once this is done we should be able to get the live webcam installed (hopefully by the weekend).

Temporary power installation

Time Frame

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It’s just about time to get “Carol’s Home” framed out and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the people involved in this process. All of our plumbing needs were met by Ferguson and Southway Plumbing and electrical was handled by EDC. It takes quite a bit of wood to frame a 2,500 sq ft. house. We found the products we needed from the nice folks who work for Pro-Build, Buck Lumber, Universal Forest Products and Simpson Strong-Tie. Once we have all the supplies onsite, it’s the team over at Schumacher Homes that will do the manual labor of nailing, lifting and framing the Armstrong’s dream house. This project is close to the heart of Cameron Powell of Schumacher Homes, who knows Carol and her family personally. Schumacher was one of the very first companies to get on board with the project. The Home Builders Association cannot thank our Carol’s Home volunteers enough. We understand that in this fickle market, participating in this project is a sacrifice for every participating CTHBA member. We are getting a live web-cam on the Carol’s Home site soon, so make sure you check out our website to keep up with the project.